F# Hackers

Dave Thomas

Ex-Xamarin developer, author of F# support in Xamarin Studio, creator of F# Compiler Services, creator of F# support for iOS, official F# Community Badass

Alfonso Garcia Caro

Author of Fable - modern F# -> JS compiler

Steffen Forkmann

Creator of Paket, and FAKE.

Eirik Tsarpalis

Creator of MBrace, Argu, FsPickler.

Henrik Feldt

Author of Suave, Logary, Http.fs and many others F# OSS projects.

Tomas Petricek

Author of FSharp.Formatting, FSharp.Data, FsLab, TheGamma and many more.

Krzysztof Cieslak

Creator of Ionide, Forge and FsToml

Chris Holt

Author of Canopy and Genit